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Combining medications can be dangerous, even fatal. Problems can arise from over-the-counter medications as well as, or with prescriptions from your doctor.

The Medication Alert Card can put your mind at ease...

MedAlert Medication Alert Card (Front) MedAlert Medication Alert Card (Back)

Emergencies happen all the time, No one expects them. If for some reason you are unable to speak for yourself because of unconsciousness, or another health issue, this card could help you or even save your life! When a medical professional sees this card they more efficiently can decide on what course of action to take to help you in your time of crisis.

The Medication Alert Card is the size of a credit card and easily fits in your wallet, purse or the glove box of your vehicle. Give it to your children when they go off to camp, school, or use it as a magnet on your refrigerator for your babysitter when you are away. The Medication Alert Card could be given to your daycare provider to keep on record in case anything would happen to your child so they can get immediate medical care.

Display and print your MedAlert Application click here.

Download HCS-MedAlert-Cards.pdf

*PDFs Require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)


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