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  • The Eltrax™ Easy Access card system uses a key identifying number to access patient information in the Hospitals' database.
  • The Medication Alert Card contains such information as your name, phone number, emergency contact, blood type, allergies, medications regularly taken, and any health issues that should be known. This information is printed on the card. Card readers are not necessary to view the information.
  • Business Cards for DoctorsThe High-Capacity card system carries complete demographic, guarantor, employment and insurance information encoded on the updatable magnetic stripe.
  • Membership Management System (MMS) is a customized software program that allows health care facilities, and other institutions, to easily and efficiently manage their membership programs.
  • Resource Tracking Program (RTP) is a customized software program that allows healthcare facilities and other institutions to manage all of their materials, including libraries, through the use of bar codes.
  • Business Cards for Doctors
  • Design Your Own Cards


"Our patients feel that they are part of a system"
– Bethesda Health Care Corp, Boynton Beach, FL

Healthcare System Cards


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