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Health Card Design

We provide several types of custom design work to fit your card design needs. If you would like help in designing your card, contact us at (651) 257-3030 ext 101 or email


Service Bureau

We will print and encode your cards for you. If do not have the need for a card printer / encoder, we will process cards in our Service Bureau. Call (651) 257-3030 ext. 102 or send an eMail to


Customized ID Card System

Just tell what you are looking for in a Card System and we will build it to your specification. This includes: cards, readers, integration into your system, and overall implementation. Send inquiry to


Presentation Setup

For a presentation of our Card System to your Administrators, we will create and send you sample cards, a card reader, and a demonstration program. Email our Sales Department at


Click Here For FREE Sample Cards


NEW! Cleveland Launch Card


Make a Payment for Supplies or Maintenance

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Call us today at: (651) 257-3030

or use our Contact Page to send questions / comments.

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