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The Eltrax Easy Access card system acts as a key to access the hospital database system. Unlike High-Capacity which is a portable database, this card system uses a key identifying number such as social security number, or a medical record number. The program accepts download files from the host system and encodes the magnetic stripe with the key identifying number.

If satellite clinics are also attached to the hospital's database but use a different key to access the database, the card can be encoded with two sets of numbers on two different tracks. Once that is done all that is left to do is swipe the patient's card. This system also reduces inaccurate or duplicate medical records. Since the database is accessed directly by using the patients card, incorrect name and medical record number queries are eliminated.

Additional Benefit: Differentiates your hospital from the competition. Aggressive marketing campaigns based on card distribution have proven successful in increasing hospital awareness and market share.

These are some of the features of this customized software.

  • Personalizes card face with patients name
  • Encodes key identifying numbers on magnetic stripe
  • Batch printing and encoding
  • Printing and encoding single cards
  • Reissue patient's card if lost
  • Prints mailing labels and envelopes
  • Full reporting features
  • Editing of database
  • Fully customized to fit the needs of the hospital
  • Windows XP/7


Download HCS-Eltrax-System.pdf

*PDFs Require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)


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